What Makes Michigan Instruments Lung Simulators Different Blog Image (1)

What Makes Michigan Instruments Lung Simulators Different Blog Image (1)

Lung Simulators continue to change the field of respiratory care for healthcare providers everywhere. Featuring a simulated airway and the ability to represent realistic residual lung volumes, our lung simulators are ideal for settings like staff development, classroom training, research and development and the testing of respiratory care devices like ventilators.

However, not every lung simulator available on the market today is created equal. Recognized as a leader in the industry, Michigan Instruments’ lung simulators have been used by thousands of providers worldwide due to their unique capabilities, available models and PneuView software.

Lung Simulation Capabilities Beyond Others in the Market

Unlike more simple test lungs on the market, our devices offer a realistic representation of the human pulmonary system and a wide range of compliance and resistance settings that go beyond what others offer. While other lung simulators are not fully to scale and can only perform a handful of simulations, Michigan Instruments’ lung simulators are fully to scale and have the ability to replicate hundreds of healthy and diseased lung conditions while providing users with real-time, accurate measurements and data.

Available in Adult & Infant Models

Our devices are available in three models: Single Adult, Dual Adult and Adult-Infant. With three models for therapists and researchers to choose from, it provides greater flexibility and the ability to simulate a wider range of patient populations.

Our PneuView System

Our PneuView Software was designed with our customer’s needs in mind. With the software included in our instrumented versions of our Lung Simulators, it can accurately provide numeric and graphical display of ventilation parameters in real-time. This data can be graphed, tabulated, and digitally recorded and retrieved or replayed for later review and analysis.

These instrumented lung simulators give healthcare professionals the ability to train, measure and reference past data to see improvements in staff training and knowledge. These products are also ideal for collegiate medical simulation labs, where hands-on training for future respiratory professionals is critical to future patient care.

If you are interested in learning more about adding one of our Lung Simulators to your classroom, training program or research facility, contact us to receive a quote and more information!