recruit medical students

5 Things Medical Schools Can Do To Attract New Students

As the healthcare industry continues to grow, so does the demand for qualified medical professionals. To do this, you need to recruit medical students to your program. However, with so many accredited medical programs available, it’s…
funding for rural hospitals

4 Ways for Rural Hospitals to Gain Funding for Medical Technology

Medical technology is constantly evolving, providing more efficient and accurate ways to diagnose and treat patients. However, purchasing these devices and gaining funding for rural hospitals is challenging, as they often have more limited…
how to reduce employee turnover in healthcare

How to Heal Medical Staff Burnout and Shortages

Did you know that 58% of physicians have feelings of burnout? Similarly, 54% of those physicians say it severely impacts their lives. These statistics alone show how important it is to reduce employee turnover in healthcare.  It’s…
patient retention strategies

Top Tips For Patient Attraction And Retention In Your Hospital

After doing extensive research, we've found the top tips to help you to attract and retain patients. Perhaps the two most important factors in the longevity of your hospital’s success are attracting new patients and retaining ones for…
spontaneous breathing vs mechanical ventilation

Spontaneous Breathing vs. Mechanical Ventilation in Lung Simulators

The human lungs work in miraculous ways. Whether your lungs function naturally, or you have a condition that requires breathing assistance, it’s important to make sure you have a healthy breathing process.  There are many ways the…
employee retention strategies in healthcare

Key Strategies to Retain and Recruit Healthcare Staff

According to a current report from Nursing Solutions Inc., the  average hospital turnover rate stands at 25.9%—an increase of 6.4% from the previous year. As you know, finding the best employee retention strategies in healthcare is vital…
rsv research

How Our Infant Lung Simulators Contribute to RSV Research

Since the beginning of flu season in October, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) has been on the rise all around the country. RSV typically hospitalizes about 60,000 children each year in the U.S, with the infection season peaking in the winter. However,…
to avoid fatigue in cpr

Save Lives and Retain Your Staff: The Top 4 Benefits of Automated CPR for Hospitals

For some, winter means enjoying the holidays, participating in snow sports, and spending time with family and friends. However, winter also means an increase in 911 calls and emergency room visits due to illness, hazardous road conditions,…
michigan lung simulator

Top 5+ FAQs About Lung Simulators

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For over 45 years, our Michigan Lung Simulator has offered residual lung volumes and a dynamic response to therapy that realistically represents all the functions of the human pulmonary system. Our devices are more advanced now than ever,…
sbl michigan instruments

Top 5+ FAQs About The SBL™

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After multiple requests from our customers, Michigan Instruments added it’s newest product–the Spontaneous Breathing Lung.  Our Spontaneous Breathing Lung Simulator (SBL™) offers a new and improved way to create spontaneous breathing.…