automatic cpr device

User Story: How Life-Stat Helps The University of Alabama Assist Rural Communities

There are many reasons why the Life-Stat is the best automatic CPR device the industry has to offer. We take pride in its several unique qualities that make it suitable for adults of nearly any size and even the elderly.  Glen Davis,…
respiratory therapy after covid

How COVID-19 Has Influenced the Rise of Respiratory Therapy

Like many other healthcare professionals, respiratory therapists (RTs) have had their work cut out for them ever since the outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020. Their role in the medical field, which was always considered demanding, is now…
lung health day

U.S. Lung Health Day: How We’re Contributing to Lung Health

According to WebMD, tens of millions have lung disease in the U.S. alone, caused by smoking, infections, or genetic predisposition. On October 26th, we celebrate Lung Health Day in the United States, which is dedicated to raising awareness…
Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month

Knowledge is Power: October is Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month 

This sudden cardiac arrest awareness month, it's important to remain aware of how dangerous (and common) sudden cardiac arrest is. Did you know that over 325,000 adult deaths occur per year due to sudden cardiac arrest, thus making it the…
automated cpr machine

Thumper vs. Life Stat: Which CPR Machine is Right for You?

Since the automated CPR machine(s), the Model 1007 Thumper® and the Model 1008 Life-Stat®, are so similar, it can be difficult to know right off the bat which is the best fit for your organization.    Having the right automated CPR…
life stat mechanical cpr

Life-Stat CPR Device Saves Man’s Life After Being Being Clinically Dead

More importantly than anything, Michigan Instruments' Life-Stat mechanical CPR device saves lives. In Farmdale, Ohio, Leonard Osborn went into cardiac arrest and didn’t have a heartbeat for 16 minutes. Thankfully, Osborn’s family…
spontaneous breathing lung simulator

Introducing The Spontaneous Breathing Lung (SBL™)

Michigan Instruments is excited to introduce the Spontaneous Breathing Lung (SBL™)! The new and improved way to create spontaneous breathing with accurate stimulation of a breathing patient.  Spontaneous breathing simulations are useful…
Lung Simulators: Why Choose Michigan Instruments?

Lung Simulation: Why Choose Us?

Lung simulators are designed to replicate the function of healthy and diseased human lungs for testing, teaching and training. Comparing the features, settings and the realistic nature of a lung simulator is vital to its success and effectiveness. Below,…
CPR on drowning victim

How Life-Stat Can Help Drowning Victims

Administering CPR on a drowning victim is crucial to their survival. Drowning and near-drowning accidents can happen to anyone at any age. Believe it or not, these incidents can also happen any time of the year, and also in shallow water.  According…
mechanical cpr hospital: The 5+ Ways the Life-Stat Offers an Extra Pair of Hands

The 5+ Ways the Life-Stat Offers an Extra Pair of Hands

If you need  an “extra pair of hands” in hospitals, emergency rooms and EMS units, the Michigan Instruments Life-Stat provides uninterrupted mechanical CPR to patients. This gives doctors, nurses and paramedics the capability to perform…