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Top 5 Reasons to Train with a Lung Simulator

Although not a medical device, the Michigan Instruments Test Lung Simulator and PneuView training systems are designed to raise the bar on the quality and reliability of lung simulators as well as respiratory and ventilation care of patients. Michigan…
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Top 10 Reasons Test Lung Simulators Benefit Respiratory Therapy Programs

Did you know that one or more of our test lung simulation products are used in the majority of Respiratory Therapy programs throughout the United States and even in many countries around the world? It’s true! Test lung simulators designed…
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Simulating Dolphin Pulmonary Capacity: Michigan Instruments Takes Custom Test Lung Simulators to the Next Level

At Michigan Instruments, our Test Lung Simulators are used for a number of different applications. From classroom instruction to product evaluation, pulmonary research or clinical intervention, our customers value the versatility, accuracy,…
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Conditions Where Mechanical CPR is Particularly Beneficial to Patient Survival

The debate about manual CPR vs mechanical CPR is one that has gone on for decades. While we know there are several advantages to mechanical CPR in general, the outcomes for patients with heart disease and heart failure who undergo any type…
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What Makes the TTL® Training Test Lung and PneuView®3 Systems Perfect Training Tools?

Our Training Test Lung and PneuView®3 Systems offer more training capabilities than ever before. Recent product updates and software enhancements have further improved our Training Test Lung devices and Lung Simulation software including: Realistically…